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  1. !Tea Master!

    Hang Browser

    Iam use laptop and mobile chrome browser users messages not view, hang after 10 minutes then change the room, then view message in main.. Please check browser problem.
  2. !Tea Master!

    Resolved Please Block options 2 way, some points for me

    Dear Admin, Block panna double side theriya kudathu appadi pannathan users konjam respect ah irrukkum, yaaru block panrangalo avangalakku mattum theriyalana bad users continue ah va bad pesitu than irruppan, thappa pesina block panniruvanga oru bayam irruntha than decent ah pesuvanga, yarayum...
  3. !Tea Master!

    Resolved Chennai Chat Room Kaanum

    Chat update panrenu sollitu chennai room thookitangaley niyayama please re arrange Chennai room so many peoples, view chennai room only... Please Admin change Ippadikku Appaviyana Tea Master
  4. !Tea Master!

    Lates Update Chat Room

    Advantages: 1) Nice lobby, and theme so nice 2) Menus nice latest version looking good Disadvantages: 1) Main lobby attached images not good, bad users photos upload main lobby 2) Main lobby Upload images accept view options must opne or decline, direct view not good 3) Gif options add like...