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    Ilayaraja music

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    Ilayaraja music

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    Ilayaraja music

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    Chat Info Re-Post: We are looking to add two more Room moderators

    @aNt29 and @Miracle Mirror i don't have difference of opinion in expression of thoughts but coming to the context of the thread, please restrict only to the requirements what is requested for. Atha vittutu yen conversation ipdi vera pakkam sambandhame illama kondu poringa. It won't take long to...
  5. Schatz

    Request for vip

    Your request is taken into consideration. Since you requested, we will observe and provide you with a feedback, probably not here but maybe directly into your pvt sooner. Please hold your patience until then and we request you to be regular in chat and exhibit a socialized behavior.
  6. Schatz

    User button not working

    Athu probably browser oda glitch ah irukalam. Intha problem must be connected to your device, since it is working for others. Try restarting the browser after clearing all the cache or else test it in a different browser.
  7. Schatz

    Forum Info New Poll For Forum Moderator

    Beta squad members only allowed to vote as of now.
  8. Schatz

    Requests Unban

    Since the error message doesn't exist and we don't find any ban on your id, I have deleted AnithaS, you can create it again.
  9. Schatz

    Requests Unban

    There is no ban on such id, please provide a screenshot of the banned message to assist further.
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    C2F Bigboss Season-1 Award Ceremony

    This award goes to @Nylaa for her extraordinary contribution. Congrats
  11. Schatz

    C2F Bigboss Season-1 Award Ceremony

    Intha award ah thattitu poravangaluku ithu onnum puthusu illa. Pora idathai ellam romba entertaining ah gala gala nu vachikuvaanga, but athae time la vaai yum romba pesa kudiya oru aal ku thaan indha award. It would be one and only @Vanathi . Congrats
  12. Schatz

    C2F Bigboss Season-1 Award Ceremony

    Cecirone ku meaning enakum theriyala. But this is a special award to one person who has been a center point of coordination and managed all your sandai sachharavugal in a poise manner, hence this award would be unanimously awarded to @Wanderer
  13. Schatz

    C2F Bigboss Season-1 Award Ceremony

    So results announce panniralama :) None other than GoodGirl
  14. Schatz

    Muted me

    Since it's a festive season which brings more meaning in rejoicing together, I will cancel your mute. Clear your browser cache and login again. Also make sure you don't repeat this anytime.
  15. Schatz

    Muted me

    6 days from now
  16. Schatz

    Muted me

    You were reported by another user for using foul language in main. Chat kulla or more commonly social media la all type of people irupaanga and their behavior will be erratic. Atha ignore pannitu porathu un kaila thaan iruku. Andha maathiri thondharavu panravangala we as admins will track down...
  17. Schatz


    Again facing this issue means had you posted a similar complaint earlier on the same subject? The issue is self explanatory, if you are using VPN you must switch if off before logging in, this protocol applies to all users including admins.
  18. Schatz

    Resolved VPN Check

    It's not something out of the bloom. It is the protocol of the chat to disallow login to users with VPN. So we recommend to login each time by disabling VPN.
  19. Schatz

    Frndku msg pogutha illayanu therinjikanum bro

    Andha option illa moreover vaikkavum maatom, so you can better stop questioning even after the reply is provided.
  20. Schatz

    சும்மா சும்மா mute or ban panranka 😢😢😢

    You have been warned already not to provoke admins or mods in chat. But you keep repeating it. If you avoid that, you won't face this issue.