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Anbe Shivam !!!

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Apr 22, 2022
Ennaiku Morning la erundhu edhu ennamo (Anbu) manasala oditu eruku ... after i seen a user (who is here for years) saying this chat spoil many families. and i went through few forwards in forum which says about being right and kind !!

அன்பென்ற மழையிலே அகிலங்கள் நனையவே
அதிரூபன் தோன்றினானே

Why Everyone Seeks Love, Affection ? Aren't they Happy with what they getting or seeking more(If seeking more what kindled them to think so)
Yeah I agreed even though we have uniforms from school to office, we are not getting same treatment for our requirements
I am not asking to be submissive or over confidence .. But reading and understanding reality is many a times stopped by these social taboos (rich gets richer, ennaku eppovum eppadi dhan, am unlucky, am loner and so on )
If all these thoughts occupies your mind, our thought process is stopped !! we not even thinking or not seeing opportunity which is infront of us which can take us to requirements ( be it much needed love, ways to rich, good handsome BF/GF/Hubby/Wife and so on) ...
So Let us be open !! Stop Haters !! Lets spread Love !! Thats when we can open up without depressing us with our failure and unfruitful thoughts ..
If we not getting what we seek, atleast give to others !!! I am/will be one and trying to be that always !!!
once it was happy around with lovable people !! but its different now !! Still whoever approaches and know me personally they know what i am !!

Forgot About what you Have !! Try to Give when its affordable from you !! Lets Make People Happy Around !!!

யார் யார் சிவம்
நீ நான் சிவம் வாழ்வே
தவம் அன்பே சிவம் !!!!
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