May 24, 2024
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Do we have an Android APP? Chat APP

Does have its own official chat application? Yes, we have our official Android chat application app on the google play store which is “Tamil Chat APP“. It is totally free to install and use. Our apps and chat access have free access to all public users. We have even provided a guest chatting method to explore more about the chat before registering your name with us. There might be other chat applications that use our brand name which is “tamil2friends” or “chat2friends” which are phony and non-official apps, that may contain malware or unwanted adware codes to target users for advertising purposes. So, be aware and don’t fall pray for their cunning activities.

Get it on Google Play

Our app contains two methods of chatting, which are webview browsing method and OPEN the chat on the chrome or default mobile browser.

  • Webview: allows you to chat from the app itself, and it won’t direct you to any browser. But webview doesn’t allow you to have a audio video chat through it.
  • Browser VIEW: When you click this button in the app, it will take you to a NEW browser window, where you can browser and chat the way you do in the webview, but one good thing about the browser view is that you are allowed to use the inbuild video calling feature to connect with your loved ones.


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