April 21, 2024

Its December 2019 and no any updates?

Hello folks,

It’s Christmas month and soon we gonna get into a new year (2020). I was very focused on finishing this pages and site design. But certain stuffs came along and have to concentrate in finishing those works before getting into this one. I had to work in few of my other site which is under different niche ( category ). Those are not my cup of tea, that’s what i always thought, so never concentrated and gave my attention to those sites. But lately i was so eager to beat the competition of that heavy targeted niche website and want to make my site #1 in google search. Now a days its not that simple to make a site to rank better in search engine. We have to focus on several methods and ideas to cover. The most important part in SEO is to be patience.

Patience brings lot of success in life, else you will hit the rock bottom of the ocean and drown.

We can ghost you people and it’s unnecessary for us to explain you things right?. But, we are not some kind of rude admins who never cared about their chatters. So here we are explaining the real reason where is there is still a delay in releasing our website. May be 2020 JAN is a good time for us to step into this digital world. Anyway, lets do this and move forward with success. See you guys soon with a new update and release.

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