April 21, 2024

Lot of changes in 2022 – An updated Indian Chat Rooms

There were lot of changes happened in our site ‘chat2friends.com’, we want to open more rooms for users throughout world to be a part of our chat family. So we did open more chat page and dedicated rooms to new language based rooms. We used to be a Tamil’s only chat site for years and now we have decided to focus connect PAN india chatters in one place. We used to have Hindi, Malayalam and Telugu rooms in tamil2friends.com which was our old chat site name, but it did not go well according to our plan. Because our main users were tamil and the traffic happened to be appeared from tamil community, and the domain name explictly tells to the world that the chat room is a tamil only chat site. So we have now moved from tamil2friends.com to a brand new domain name “chat2friends.com”¬† to bring all indian chatters under one platform where they can find multiple rooms based on their interest and language.

There are already plenty of chat rooms out there and why do we need a brand new website just for INDIAN only chat website?. Our story is quite different from other chat site, because we have our own BRAND chat application which is designed and focused to connect multi chatters on the go without switching here and there.


Our Brand New Page and Rooms are listed here.

Hindi Chat 

Tamil Chat

Telugu Chat

Malayalam Chat


2 thoughts on “Lot of changes in 2022 – An updated Indian Chat Rooms

  1. tamil room and chennai has been clubbed and made as one room other rooms like hindi telugu are always not occupied by any one or hardly a couple of members so it’s a request that tamil room and chennai room can be separate rooms and either chill out room hindi or telugu room can be deactivated and tamil room and chennai room can be created again so crowd in one room can be avoided

  2. Hello Jokerr, thanks for the concern and input from your side about the room changes. There are several reasons why we created such regional rooms in chat2friends. Our main focus is not to shrunk the site and to keep it only for tamil language speaking chat website. We want to increase our scope to broad range to gather more language speaking chatters under one roof.

    Regarding Chennai and Tamil Room separation, we don’t feel like people should keep swapping or switching between room constantly, it will spoil their time finding a right place to stick in and get into any reasonable conversation with one another. We made this change based on our past experience when we had such separated room before.

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