May 24, 2024
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Redefining our Kerala Chat Room Page

Kerala Chat, AKA Malayalam Chat, AKA Mallu Chat, you can call it by any term, but the meaning stays the same, which is a page or chat app where you can find Malayalam language-speaking chatters. Kerala Chat is a dedicated chat page for all Malayalis who want to connect with millions of Keralites worldwide. Chat2friends is focused on bringing all language-speaking chatters under one roof; that’s our current progress in making it happen in the coming days. We are not Tamil Chat community Nor just tamils only chat website. Most new users get confused by the max number in our tamil room chatters chatting in one room, indicating that this might be a Tamil’s only chat website.

In the early days we used to have only Tamil based room and then we realized that we should not stick with only one room and then decided to allow more other languages to be spoken in the chat site. Anyway we are planned to make sure we allow Malayalam speaking chatters to have special section in our FORUM page. This step allows other Kerala chatters to share most Mallu related topic and information with the world.


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